Room with bed, chairs and window

A Restful Sanctuary In Downtown Denver

Your experience at Populus begins with an artful journey as soon as you step into the elevator, where the natural sounds of the Colorado forest engage your senses. As you exit the elevator, the experience continues with a low-lit and quiet corridor reminiscent of the forest ambiance.

Entering your room, you’ll be greeted with a flood of natural daylight and beautifully crafted Aspen-eye-shaped windows with breathtaking views of Downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains on the horizon. 

Grove Queen

Up to 180 ft2

Grove King

Up to 181 ft2

Hammock Queen

Up to 181 ft2

Poplar Two Queen

Up to 377 ft2

Populus King

Up to 344 ft2

Aspen King

Up to 294 ft2

Capitol Studio Suite

Up to 397 ft2

Mountain Studio Suite

Up to 554 ft2

Grove Queen ADA

Up to 291 ft2

Grove King ADA

Up to 286 ft2